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A theory of Math

Welcome to the number 5 of Mutants Magazine.
Special edition: A theory of Mathematics
Short articles, for  free thinkers.
Dec 26, 2018.

Happy new Year 2019


A theory of Mathematics 

I try to explain this in the most easy way to be understood by anyone, 
as you never heard of this before, about what are Maths and numbers.

This changes all you know about Mathematics,and the way we learn, and how stucture, our logic of thinking, and the knowledge itself:


All what we are able to know, all what we able to think, all what we are able to conceive, to calculate, or do maths on it is already in a frame that models our frame of thinking, our way of knowing, and it is already a programming and we are immerse in it.

If you use mathematics with any numbers, in any base, in any symbol,or in your language, you are already modeled by a programming that are the Mathematics. 



Nine points

First: There is no zero dimension in Mathematics.

Second: Numbers already have at least three things: a DNA, a space, and a programming.

Third: Numbers are immerse in a universe with space, and can be decoded in their position in that space. 

Prime numbers, the building blocks of Maths, are prime numbers because there is no other way possible of it for them.  Prime numbers are predetermined by the rules built in Math in that space, and not of what we traditionally have thought of their divisibility among other numbers.

In the same way, factors, or operations of prime numers, or any other number, is predetermined by the rules built in math in that space and included in its DNA.


Numbers have DNA

Fourth: Any number has TOO much information.
To be easy understood, think that any number has its own DNA that determines them.

Fifth: If you change the symbols, the names, the numbers, the logic, the space remains. The outputs are constantly redirecting to the same output.

Sixth: The change in the space is fixed, limited, predictable.

Seventh: By knowing the space, you know the outputs and inputs.
This means that the factors or a prime number can be calculated  by only knowing their position.
This also means, that the DNA of any number it is given by the same number and space.

Any number used in Maths is too much information. (even if it represented as letter, symbols, numeric expression, functions, in any cryptographic system humanity could create). Because all numbers are and can be decoded via the inherent space in Maths, without needing the man's made decoding system.

Think that you can arrive to the moon from any star in the universes. 



Rules of Maths

Eigth: Maths and Numbers could have been built on other rules. 

In this time-space we are modeled by this rules that we divise them as maths. Our mind, language, and way of thinking is modeled by this rules, which limit our comprehension to see the sparks of another way of thinking.

Nineth: We are the observed part of the programmer. Maths is the program. Numbers are the data that shows and proofs that it is a program. We, as part of this observable universe, are determined by this programming that we call Maths and numbers.



This nine points are important because the way we think, how we learn, and how we stucture, our logic of thinking, rasoning, the visible universe, and what we call numbers and Mathematics are built on this.



Prime's Algebra &

Welcome to the number 4 of Mutants Magazine.
Short articles, for  free thinkers.

Nov 26, 2018.


Is really secure your information?

Most of the two thirds of the internet's transactions are using SSL. Governments, business, websites browsers, VPNs, chats, your private data, cybercurrencies, money wallets, social networks, virtual servers with ssh connections, are using SLL with certificates and privates and new keys for digital signatures.
Those public keys are based on cyphers like RSA 2048 and RSA 4096 among others.  When the data is not encrypted on it, it is the certificate that says, for example that the data authentication, access, are correct.
RSA 1024, RSA 2048 and RSA 4096 are based on primes.

The safety of  the keys can be broken, by 3 ways: 1) brute force to find the key, 2)finding a new way that inherently reduces the expected number of combinations to find primes, or 3) a combination of those 2.

An algebra for long primes, that optimizes the way to find primes, collides in a point with those RSA 2048, RSA4096.
The result is that RSA 2048 and RSA 4096 are easier to break than what is thought, it can be broken with 2 ways: 1) the reduction of combinations to find primes, or 2)the reduction of combinations adding brute force.

There is a gap, beween what you think that secure is your information (personal info, currencies, transactions, browsers, mails, biometrics, healthcare  info), and how really secure is your information.

Algebra for long primes shows that  RSA 2048 and RSA 4096, which are  used in most of the transactions on internet and for private information, are easier to be broken.
Information on internet is less safe of what was thought.



How it is done

New algebra for very long primes inherently reduces the expected number of combinations to break cyphers like RSA 2048 and RSA 4096.

RSA 2048 and RSA 4096 are one of the first public-key cryptosystems, are based on long primes, and are widely used for secure data transmission, for example: the web browsers, emails, chats, VPNs, digital signatures, personal data, apps, wallets, etc. 

The reduction was found when using space for long primes.  
In the first tests, the initial ranges of reductions in the number of combinations raises exponentially, For example, reduction to 90-95-97.5% and successive when primes are longer.




Welcome to the third edition of Mutants Magazine.
Short articles for Free thinkers.

Dedicated to: Space

Nov 16, 2018


the programmed mind of the programmers

In the past centrury the computers had scarce resources in the first electrical/electronic computers. As workaround, they omitted the space while programming over timed machines.
A partially deformed idea in that moment, deformed the minds of the next millions of programmers over decades, and the programs they created, and are creating now, and you are using.

During decades, the programming languages and programs were created unable to understand or use natural space among commands, among phrases. Workarounds were created to read input, texts,etc. New object languages were created with lack of space. Programmers had to enter variabledot.something. An heritage of deformed thinking prevailed. The famous objects that are not objects.

Millions of programmers and programs are created following the lack of space. The complete paradox of the programmer's programmed mind, from their minds to the programs they did.
All the programs that you are using now, all your apps, and all those share that deformed vision: A simple lack of space in programming, in conception, in the programmers mind. An heritance of wrong programming. A followed belief, as there were no following thinking.



Space and 2D,3D,VR,AR, MR

What was believed as big concepts: 2D, 3D, VR, AR has been over decades trying to set graphically a world, a search for space. But their building blocks have no space. AR and mixed technologies looking to extend space, using wrong building blocks. Large marketing of revolution of the cloud as... a space. The ultimate goal in computing is  space.
Natural language a big goal with reading spaces, words in vectors.  The big goal is something that had to be natural seven decades before, in computing:  space in language. Languages able to do it were discontinued. And then marketed natural language and space as a sensation for future.
Also lacking of fully intonation, lacks of space and silence.
Silence is space in sound. Intonation, sound, time, rythm, concepts, are based in space. As example SQL injections, a largest programming weakness, exists due the original lack of space in the language.

IoT devices with no space concept, blockchain with no space, no GDPR compliant software, GDPR is a simple use of space over period of time. 

For decades billions of USD lost in consequences of a lack of space. Billions of USD each year expent in correction, adaptation, patch, all because the lack of use of space. And then space is sold to us as revolutionary technologies: 2D,3D, VR, AR, cloud, programming languages, apps.
Maybe it is time to ask us what is wrong with computing?

Space defined computing: A limited vision of space defined computing.

The universe has rythm, space, sounds and silence, space of time, but full Space has been taken out of the programers mind.



SPACE in blockchain

Blockchain was created as timestamp. Again programmers  forgot to add space. Georeference existed when blockchain was created.
If you add space to time, then you can go higher, longer, faster, deeper, safer that only measuring time in bockchain.
As everything that hapens in this world has time and space, then can be unique, and represented with  space and time.
This implies to think different, and look how the Universe works. Get out of the programmed mind & think in a universe with time and space.

Predominant technology in the past century was fixed, like the phone leased lines. This century technology is mobile, like mobile phones. But blockchain was built on the past century technology: with no space.

Is interesting that from famous  open source comittes to large corporate technical committes are self adoctrinated in a time only belief.  No space. Inclusive when the advantages of having space are obvious.

why? Is scare what the programmers's mind have to include the space in different ways?  Space in their diverse forms has been taken out of the  programmers mind: From programming languages, programs, concepts, ways of application, uses  It is a blindfold passed from generation to generation and adopted fervently.

But Space is in nature.... Our neurons record spatial positions too.




Everything changes

One said says that the only constant in the Universe is the change itself. The speed of light, E, Pi, PHI, fibonacci, and  other numbers that seem constant, are the measure of the change in nature.
the change happens over space/time.
Even when light goes backwards on time it is creating change, and a quantum in light is change.



SPACE and Ai

With space and time it is possible to create a complete AI, that dreams, imagines.
We are like the river which water is different at each instant and part of the river.
We are not the same ones at different moments and different place.
The understanding change. Space is important for a complete AI.



SPACE around primes

In the same way you have fingers in your hand, arise the prime numbers.
you could realize they growth simultaneously, (overlap on time), but different each one. Sharing a common base, like your hand's palm.
And if you modify the space, closing your hand, put together the point of your fingers. You will realize that they are together in space.
In the same way, you can get together the prime numbers, graph them ,or do calculations on them.
Or play with the other space: the space in primes...
Nature has space. 



Life primes

Welcome to the number 2 of the Mutants Magazine.
Short articles, for free thinkers.
Special Edition: Life Primes

Sep 14, 2018.


1. Life Primes 

Life Primes is the structured, ordered, deterministic, series of the prime numbers. 
                        Prime( previous n )= Prime( current ) / L 

Every prime (p), is the result of multiplying a previous prime n, by the series value L.  
I named it L, as Life.

There is no need of input two primes to get a next prime n.
One prime generates the succession in the series: 
                 Prime(previous n) = Prime(current) / L

clear the equation: 
                 Prime(current) = Prime(previous n)  x  L

To get the previous prime:  divide the current prime by L,
To get the current prime:    multiply the previous prime n by L,
To get the successor prime, if there were one: multiply the current prime by L

Life Primes is the prime series, ordered, determinated, successive, of prime numbers, where:    
                                  Prime(current) =  Prime(previous n)  x  L

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


2. Primes series are succesive & determined

Prime  numbers are determined series,  successive, ordered by it predecesor n, where:
                     Prime(current) =  Prime(previous n)  multiplied by  L 

For  example:
Prime 149,975,123 , has 42 sucessive predecessors/sucessors, where:
                                  Prime(previous n) = Prime(current)  /  L
I define with the letters L,  or  ש  , the value result from the series of prime numbers.

Alberto Curiel, Septiembre 16, 2018


3. Primes are deterministics

In the Prime Series, the current prime is the result of the unavoidable consequence of the previous prime n, multiplied by the value L 

Primes have its determined values from the previous prime n.
With full certainty that the previous prime in the prime series are primes, as the formula is:
                    current prime = Prime(previous n)  multiplied by  L
                       f(p) = f(p n)  x  L

Primes are deterministics. 

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


4. Primes space

In the Prime series Formula:
                       Prime(current)  = Prime(previous n)  x  L

Prime(previous) x L  points to the space where primes are located:
                           prime(previous n) multiplied by L.

For example:
In the prime 149,975,123  there is a prime number in the value Prime x L, in its 42 consecutive predecessors.   (curious note: a series of 42 primes, is almost the double of the largest known series in primes)

The space of the prime series, & path to move in the primes is:
          Prime(current) = Prime(previous n) multiplied by L
Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


5. Life Primes Algorithm o(1)

Formula:         Current Prime = Prime(previous n) multiplied  by L

The value of the prime is known in one operation o(1), as the current prime is set by the previous prime(n) multiplied by L.  
If there is a successive prime, its value and location is set by the current prime multiplied by L. 

Prime numbers are optimized in its distribution, and for large primes:  One operation to calculate the previous, current, or successor prime.

Example of operations:
For a prime with value higher than 100,000,000: (one hundred millions) :  
1 if the previous prime (n) is known,  or between 2 to 43  if you want to travel all the path

For a prime with value higher than 1, 000,000, 000,000, 000,000: ( 1 quintillion) :
1 if the prime(previous n) is known. Or between 2 and 100 if you want to travel the all path -estimated-

For 100 Millions digits long primes, 1 billion digits long primes, and successive (the longest prime numbers known in the future):
1 if the prime( previous n) is known. Or between 2 operations to tens of millions, if you want to travel all the path -estimated-

Previous prime with L location path, allows to know its successive, current or predecessor prime, each one in one operation: 
                            Next  prime n = current prime multiplied by L

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


6. Primes, Series and Fibonacci

Geometrically, this known series represent a limit when growth. For example, at the origin of the Fibonacci series, the relation in the angles express the growth,the transition from a figure with area equal to one, to a figure with area equal to two, rotated in space-time.

Phi in a pentagon, is relation among sides of a pentagon figure, and represents growth too, for example.

Regarding to the origin of the numbers, there are three options considered:

1) in its origin, the numbers originated at different time. To exist the number 2 (the duality) there must first exist the number 1 (the unity), or

2) in its origin, the numbers originated at the same time. The number 3 (multiplicity) appeared simultaneously with the number 2 (the duality) and the number 1 (the unity).

3)in its origin, prime numbers are the origin of numbers. Non prime numbers (like even numbers) are like chords, the resonating waves of prime numbers.

In all cases, if the primes appeared simultaneously, successively, or first, the prime series sets the succession, relation, and path among a determined prime and its successive prime n, in space-time, using in one input prime.

Prime series geometric figure starts from the circle. All primes and its precessor prime n, are in its own auto-ordered space and path:
                                 current Prime  = Prime(previous n) multiplied by L
                                  f(p) = f(previous n) x L

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


7. Time displacement: Primes

                                 Current Prime = Prime(previous n)  x  L

The current prime is determinated by the value of the previous prime multiplied by L
The formula points backwards in time, where each prime starts from a previous prime n

Life Primes series, seeing as succession in time, defines that to exist the current prime, the previous prime n, must exists or have existed before, previously in time.  If we are in a sucessor prime, the predecessor prime existed.

Life Primes series, seeing as simultaneous existence of primes, gives the linked path among all the primes (predecessors, current, successors) in time and space.

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


8. Primes, a nature's blockchain

Series are successions of values.
Blockchain is a linked series, linked in time, and the current value and time is added.
Geometric series like Fibonacci, phi include the value or relation of the previous segment, using 2 values. 
Primes series is primes linked, using the value of the previous prime values, in an auto-optimized space and path:
                                 current prime = ( previous prime n ) x L

Nature shows  how is a linked prime series. 

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


9. Three of primes

An example to explain L

At the center of the garden of the numbers, there is a tree of knowledge of the prime numbers, to which the prime numbers are united. L is like this continuous tree. Only the prime numbers have the property of being united, constituted, and nourished from the tree: 
                        current prime = (previous prime) x L 

The shape of the tree:  At the base of the tree, is the tree trunk. A tree trunk gives structure and strength, it is a continuous unity, it unites all the tree simultaneously: Without trunk there is no tree. The tree has an initial prime in the base. When you look up the tree, the number of branches increases, as the number of primes increases.
The tree trunk and its branches are thick, and change, as the amount of primes changes. Look a little higher in the tree. You are advancing in the succession, travelling the tree. Sometimes there are new more branches, looks more dense are there are new more primes. The branches point in different directions, sometimes the branches almost join. The quantity of new primes changes, as there can be new or less new branches in that part of the tree.  
Primes are distributed in unique way: all are attached to the tree.

The coordinate of each prime in the tree is its value. To move forward, or backward, from one prime to another, you move over the branch easily, because the value of each prime is based in the previous (prime n) by the three branch value: L , in the series. You travel around all the primes tree safely, moving forward in the branches (next prime n) or backwards (previous prime n), simply by:
                             current prime = (previous prime n) multiplied by L

Travelling in the tree, is moving in the tree of primes.  Look up the tree, the tree branches are longer, thin, spaced, and everytime there are less new primes. It is changing. If you look to the top of the tree, the number of new primes is decreasing, while the L tree grows towards the limit, the infinite sky.

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


10. An extension to the prime numbers

Time ago, the imaginary numbers were defined as an extension to complement and facilitate the use in operations with real numbers, like example, to facilite the root of -1

Life prime series, is based in the previous prime, which is an integer:
                     Current prime = (Previous prime n) x L 

In the series, the aditional complement to the prime numbers is L, which is also the factor of time and space, givinig the unique position of the prime in the prime number series.  

Life Primes are prime series, determinated, ordered, with only succession of predecessor, current, and successor primes n, located in time and space with L, continuous value for primes. Facilitating operations & extending the panarama of primes.

Alberto Curiel, September 16, 2018


Mutants Magazine

Welcome to the Mutant First Magazine.
Short articles for Free thinkers.

Sep 9, 2018.


Large prime numbers

While working on the Flower of Life, I found a fast way to calculate 100 million digits prime numbers numbers and inclusive 1,000 million digit prime number.

This new formula worked easily for prime numbers at 2
to the power 34. Computers have the 64 bit limitation,

To verify a 100 million prime digit number on a simple computer, solving the 64 bit limitation. I am developing the tools to store and evaluate this long prime numbers easily. It have to be practical to use. 

The use of large prime numbers increase safety of communications, wallets, data in Mutants, and the tools developed will reinforce the environment of flower of Life AI.

by A.C. 2018


Predictable PI

Traditionally is believed that Pi decimals are kind of random.

But what if the digits in PI were predictable? if there were a constant value in Pi?  

While working on the Flower of Life environment, I found that there is a way where PI shows predictable.

I am using this Pi property for enhancing Mutants Flower of Life environment.

by A.C. 2018



Welcome to the edition  Zero of Mutants Magazine.
Short articles for Free thinkers.

Decoded CPE1704TKS from Wargames Film

July 16, 2018.


CPE1704TKS Decoded

Wargames Movie, 1983

A film about codes and hackers, ends with a misterious message: CPE1704TKS.
This and other codes in the film remained unhacked for 35 years. No hacker or fan was able to solve the codes before.

Days ago, I decoded them... One after another. And learn about the movie, it was deep, like the Matrix film, both included buddhist ,hinduism, christian concepts and high teaching. For my surprise Wargames starts saying: Aum mani padme hung, also explains the concept in the first scenes. Also during the movie makes a change of paradigm of the characters

The first codes in the film not only point to denuclearization of weapons (like other codes in the film as the first code digits, or the death of Falcon), also give addresses. And the names and likeness of the characters of the film (from peace activists, fighters for human social causes), to corporate presidents (another way of coding there). and naming a step of teaching (like Vision, pointless, the lack of reality,etc). More important is that the film includes the way to decode the CPE1704TKS code with the technology of that era, avoiding mistakes, while set us in a new level of understanding. All coded in a film about coding and hacking. Being so easy as the login Joshua. 

People believed that CPE1704TKS meant nothing, or that was a typo (but that is another code), darkness, or was about launching missiles, or end of the world.

But in fact CPE1704TKS is the opposite. It is the highest teachings. It is the start of a new horizon and understanding. Like a mutation. More than a full state of Freedom, and Liberty.


A beautiful message

CPE1704TKS is a beautiful, deep and inspirational message, in a deep film that ends with highest teachings similar to: 

Vision is a mind
Mind is empty
Emptiness Is Clear Light
Clear Light Is Union
Union Is Great Bliss

A change of state of mind, starting with clear space, completed in great bliss.
It is a message to change of way of thinking for humanity and Joshua, at the moment that Joshua learns it: CPE1704TKS.


CPE1704TKS the code:

the final code of the movie:

A way of denuclearization,
and a path to illumination. 

alberto curiel
July, 2018



Number 5
A theory of Math

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