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Ejemplos de uso para
el proyecto de Nación de Mexico


Examples of use for
Mexico Nation's Project

Geolocation and geotime for Quantum.  
individuals and territory.

Natural state of the Mind is Health.
Water represents life, spirit, thinking in action, wellness of body and mind.

Measuring the health of the planet and economy,
linking them together in a environmental economy,
making it accessible by any consumer around the world, and
empowering consumers to take direct actions for a better quality of life.

Empowering Citizens

Doing a better planet

For environment:

Measurement, and Intregration of an environmental economy.
Empowering citizens for direct daily actions for preservation of species and  natural resources
in a world with climate change. 

For citizens & supply chains:

New ways and methods for savings and investment. © C. 2018, Mexico